The Message of the Agiveme Global

Published: 28, Dec 2020 by Admin
AGIVEME.COM is a global online fundraising platform for crowdfunding. Here’s how it works:
Global Crowdfunding:
Anyone in any country can quickly and easily create projects to raise funds for various purposes.
Whether it’s for their beloved ones, themselves, the community, or charity, AGIVEME provides a platform to connect people and causes.
AGIVEME supports a wide range of categories, including:
Emergency: Helping those in urgent need.
Event: Fundraising for specific events or occasions.
Family: Supporting families facing challenges.
Health: Raising funds for medical expenses.
Education: Empowering education initiatives.
Community: Strengthening local communities.
Creative: Supporting artistic and creative projects.
Charity: Contributing to nonprofit organizations.
And more!
Notable Features:
Identity Verification: AGIVEME verifies the identity of campaign creators to ensure transparency and authenticity.
Global Reach: Projects can raise funds from people worldwide.
No Financial Support from AGIVEME: It’s important to note that AGIVEME does not offer any form of financial support or funding to individuals or charities.
AGIVEME is not supported in certain countries, including Belarus, China, Cote D’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Macedonia, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Syria, and Ukraine.
If you have a cause you’d like to support or need assistance with fundraising, AGIVEME.COM is a platform worth exploring! 😊

Agiveme's "Donation-Based Crowdfunding" online service platform was established.
Social media and digital platforms are transforming lives like never before and crowdfunding is increasingly emerging as the new way to use these tools to survive and thrive in challenging times. From calling for help to survive a life-threatening condition, to executing a business idea with funds from strangers, or funding higher studies abroad, to raising funds for the less fortunate during the prolonged pandemic, the power of people has never been so well-defined as it is now via crowdfunding platforms.
These digital platforms are making lives easier for those in need and numerous ways possible. Anyone in any country can quickly and easily create projects to raise global funds for their loved ones, themselves, the community, and charity.

Agiveme is the first and largest global Donation-Based Crowdfunding Service for nonprofits.
Since its founding in 2020, AGIVEME has helped raise more than for grassroots fundraisers & charitable projects worldwide and has become a go-to destination for supporting locally driven disaster and crisis recovery. The groundbreaking nonprofit organization celebrated its 3rd anniversary this year and emerged with a renewed focus on becoming more community-led in its mission to transform aid and philanthropy.