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Help Save The Yoga Tent Studio

by Kimberley Williams
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The Yoga Tent is a space for people in the community to feel comfortable in when they do their yoga
My name is Kimberly Williams and I am here because my beautiful Yoga tent is unfortunately on its last days.


As beautiful as my tent may look in these photos, I have just been informed by our local handyman, that “there is no point repairing the 3 holes, as it will continue to tear in other areas as well.”


This Yoga Tent Studio started as a simple journey to create a special space outside of my home, where I could teach my yoga classes. It’s challenging holding a class in the outdoor elements, especially on the wet grass. The tent was my solution and it was the best idea I ever had. It is the venue for daytime and evening classes. After receiving positive feedback about the tent at night, all lit up with hanging lights, and soft flowers I launched Yoga + Wine + Movie Night for my students to get to enjoy the tent in a fun way. I could have never afforded a storefront studio, so I got creative with what life was offering and in June 2017 I officially started the Yoga tent. It was and still is my dream.


This tent is not only my studio and my business. It is my sacred place and my way of giving back to the universe. Gratefully, it does not just have that effect on me. It impacts the lives of all my students. From my youngest of yogis 2 years old who comes bright-eyed and full of life to my adult students who are looking for inner peace, to those already full of wisdom who come to practice their gratitude. It has turned out to be exactly what it was meant to be, a place of peace and self-love. Whether it be to gather after a long day at work or first thing in the morning before the start of the crazy day, the tent is about letting go of your worries and giving yourself 60 blissful minutes just for you.
The thought of life without the tent has entered my mind more times than I would like it to, as I have run into many hurdles since I first fell in love with the idea. I am proud to say that it has survived through the wet winter and the Australian SUN beating on it every day. It has given me more opportunities than I ever thought possible. It’s not just for yoga it’s a space for people to gather in the community and hold events. It’s people’s HAPPY PLACE… home away from home and if I didn’t recreate it again… I feel like I never even got time to SHINE out loud in the community to do more.

From June 2017 to today the Yoga Tent has held:
600+ Yoga classes (I teach 10 vinyasa classes and 1 kid yoga class weekly)
10 Meditation classes
6 Day workshops
1 Hen’s party
There are no words that can truly describe the feeling you get when you walk into the tent at night all lit up. It is sheer MAGIC! Those of you who know me, know that this isn’t an easy task. I would always rather give and not receive, but where I am in my life right now, I would be extremely grateful to get any help I can. The tent ripping has come at such a challenging time in my life, as there are some big financial obligations that I am committed to.
Any funds received will be used to buy a new slightly larger Yoga Tent. This new Tent will have a new style and vibe to it which I am very excited to surprise everyone with and promise it will be just as magical. I will also be putting up a protective cover to ensure it is well-preserved through the seasons. It will be coated regularly throughout the year to ensure its longevity. Stage 1 – Funds received $2000 for the New Yoga Tent Stage 2 – Funds received $1500 for a Protective Cover to ensure the longevity of the Yoga Tent
With the funds received, I would love to give every single person a big hug, but unfortunately, it will have to be a virtual hug for some! Your generosity and kindness will showcase to me that there are people out there in this world who care enough to support small dreams and to help make a big impact on people's lives. It will give me so much motivation to continue on with this journey. If it wasn’t for this tent, my dreams of having my own studio would have never come to fruition. Any amount, no matter how small will make a great difference in my life.
When the new tent has arrived I will be hosting 2 events to my supporters who have generously donated.
Online Yoga Video – unlimited
Meditation Bless Ceremony – limited space available
Grand Opening Yoga Class of the New Yoga Tent Studio – limited space available
I am also offering an Unlimited Monthly Yoga Class pass for one month – a limited pass available


Peace, love, and yoga tents?
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by Kimberley Williams
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  • Alison Rippin Recent Donation

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