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Help Lift the Burden of a Fellow Muslim in Need

by Abdur Rakib
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​​​​​Assalamualaikum, I hope this message finds you well. My Name is Rakib and I am reaching out to you with a desperate plea for help. Unfortunately, I find myself in the midst of a profound financial crisis that threatens the very fabric of my family's existence. I am currently heavily burdened with debt, The ordeal began with my mother's critical brain operation, a medical emergency that not only took a toll on her health but also left us burdened with an insurmountable debt. Despite our best efforts, we couldn't save her; Allah took her from us. However, the weight of her medical expenses has trapped us in a relentless cycle of financial hardship. Before writing this, I was contemplating selling the only shelter we have - our house. The burden of debt has become unbearable, and I fear for my family's basic needs, particularly our daily sustenance. I have already made substantial payments towards the debt, but recent challenges have hindered me from making further progress. I am reaching out to you, seeking your support and generosity, to help me pay off the remaining amount. Your contribution would not only significantly alleviate my financial strain but would also be a ray of hope in a period of uncertainty. There is a profound Hadith that resonates with the essence of helping those in need, stating that assisting a brother/sister in their time of need guarantees Allah's help on the day of judgment. Your support, inspired by this beautiful teaching, would not only be a lifeline for me but also an investment in my well-being as I strive to overcome adversity. May Allah relieve my burdens and help me in my time of need. Ameen. Warm regards,
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by Abdur Rakib
Identity verified
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