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Writing a good story able to make your project more appealing is an important key to success in crowdfunding. Don’t forget to follow these tips to write a good crowdfunding story!

 1 Include an appealing title!

Make your title perfectly describe your project

Make it understandable and concise!

2 Pictures are needed!

Include pictures that help you describe your project

Better to include high-quality pics made by you!

Keep your best picture for the cover!

3 Answer essential questions in your story

Who are you?

Where do you live?

What problem do you want to solve?

Why do you need that amount of funds?

When do you need the funds?

How are you going to use the collected funds?

4 The more, the better!

Include any extra information that might help others to understand your cause!

Include your social networks, web, etc.

If you are supporting an NGO or NPO, don’t forget to include the link to their web!