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AGIVEME is a gathering place for people who need to raise funds to make a big impact in others' life, their own lives, or even a whole community.
Project owners can run a project on behalf of other people or for themselves, and be supported by relatives, friends, or even people they don't know.
All projects have their own funding goal and time limit.
A project can collect support as long as it is still within its time limit. A project will end after its time limit passes.
The amount collected for a project will be delivered to the owner once it has finished (regardless if the goal has been met or not), or in case the project owner requests a withdrawal from $100 onwards.
When a project is supported by 3 friends or more, the project will be published on the Worldwide Stage.
The Worldwide Stage is a ranked version inside AGIVEME where a project is visible to an international audience of people from more than 200 countries who are willing to give support to those who need it.
If your project is ranked on the Worldwide Stage, you will increase your success rate. That's why it is so important to begin receiving the support of 3 close people.

What is the AGIVEME?
AGIVEME is a Global Donation-Based Crowdfunding Service. Anyone in any country can quickly and easily create projects to raise global funds for their beloved ones, themselves, the community, and charity.
In AGIVEME you can count on the usual AGIVEME advantages plus a few tools that will make your fundraising journey easier for your charity:
- In AGIVEME your project can receive monthly support through a subscription system.
- Also, you can run a project without a deadline.
If you want your charity to receive monthly support from people around the world, don't hesitate to open your project here:
How can I run a project?
You can directly create and publish your project in just 5 minutes if you tap the link below:
Please, describe the content of your project honestly and as detailed as possible, and add pictures related to the content of your project.
You can write the content in the language you prefer and start sharing your project right after you publish it.
How much does it cost to publish a project?
AGIVEME platform fee is 0.
However, 25% of the collected amount will be charged to the project owner as various expenses (credit card settlement fee, bank transfer fee, etc.)that will be incurred when transferring the collected amount, as well as the receipt commission arranged by the project owner's bank.
What kind of projects can be published?
It is actually possible to publish any kind of project, either for yourself or on behalf of another person.
There are available 18 different categories:
Animal, Charity, Community, Education,
Family, Farming, Food, Fundraiser,
Personal, Health, Sports, Religion
Event, Business, Creative

However, in the event that the terms and services of our service are breached, the publishing of a project will not be accepted.
What is the process of running a project?
The process for starting a project is as written below:
1. Tap the [Start a project] button and create your project.
2. Share your project with close friends and relatives in order to be supported by 3 people or more.
3. If you are supported by 3 people, you will be contacted to proceed with identity verification.
4. Once the identity verification is completed, your project will be ranked in the Worldwide Stage
5. When your project ends, we will send you the collected amount through the remittance method selected according to your country.
※The identity verification process consists of providing official documents to verify the identity of the user and the veracity of the project contents, as well as making a brief online video call if needed.
Can I choose the currency for a project?
At the moment, we only accept US dollars.

What are the necessary documents to publish a project?
To verify the identity of the project owner we require [Image of an official document containing identification and a portrait photo issued by a governmental body (Eg: passport)] and [A photo showing you and the official document together].
Also, to prevent fraud, there is a possibility for us to ask for additional documents to confirm the validity of your proposed project.
We here at AGIVEME will do our best to use the documents handed to us safely in a way that prevents identity fraud and swindling of the project owner.
* In the case of an application from a minor, permission is first needed from an acting guardian.
For how long can I have my project ongoing?
Most of the projects in AGIVEME are raising funds for 1 to 3 months.
However, the project owner can decide the duration of their own project.
In case you need to change your project deadline, please contact the AGIVEME support team and we will assist you.
How can I post updates on my project?
You can post updates at any time from the [My project] page.
Try to post an update following the next instructions:

1. Go to [My Project] page
2. Tap the option [Update post]
3. Add a text that details describe your update
4. Select the video or picture you want to add
5. To finish, tap [Post]
6. Don't forget to check the Facebook option to share your update!
Where are the Updates published?
Your update posts will be visible on your project page.
In case your project is ranked up to the Worldwide Stage, your update posts will be visible on the AGIVEME home page too!
What is the Team Function?
It is a function addressed to projects that are managed in groups (for instance, by a charity, community, sports team, music band, etc.).
With the Team function, you can invite other people to join your project as a team, so they can share it, post updates, etc. The organizer of the project can check all the activities that other team members did on the project, like sharing and collecting support.

This function is recommendable for projects that need to be managed by more than 1 person, to be able to achieve a better result.

If you are interested in using the Team function, go to the [My project] page and select the option to run your project as a team
How do I send a gratitude message to a supporter?
If you tap [Write gratitude message] of the supporter you want to send a message to, you can write your message.
You can write a gratitude message as well if you go to Notifications and tap on the notification indicating that your project was supported.
When will the collected funds be deposited?
The transfer time depends on your residence country, the payment method you want to use, and the status of your account.
Typically, the collected funds are deposited to the selected bank account between 1 to 20 business days after the project ends or in case you request a partial withdrawal.
However, in the event that there are problems with the account information, there are possibilities that the deposit process will take longer than intended. Also, the deposit time may also differ depending on the financial institution governing the remittance method; the process can be longer than intended. We hope for your understanding.
How can I receive the collected funds?
Depending on your residence country, the remittance method used to send you the collected funds will be different.
In order to be eligible to receive the collected funds, it would be necessary for the project owner to complete all the fields requested in the menu Personal Identification in your AGIVEME account and provide the necessary information depending on the remittance method whether requested on the platform or directly by any AGIVEME staff through email.

What is the available transfer method for my country?
In order to check the available transfer method for your country, the cost of the transfer, and the necessary information you need to provide to receive the funds, please log in to your AGIVEME account and check the "Bank transfer guide" page that you will find on the side menu.
How is the transfer process through a bank account?
First, you need to complete all requested information in the menu Personal Identification.
Once you have registered the information, we will order the transfer to the bank account you indicated.
Please make sure that all the information you register is accurate and complete in order to successfully receive the payment. If not, the payment could be delayed.

Please, contact us in case you are not able to register your bank information in your AGIVEME account.

What if my country doesn't have any remittance method available?
While we are working on adding a remittance method for your country, please discuss with AGIVEME staff an alternative payment method. The most used option for this case is to use a receiving account (yours or from a close person) that is registered in a country with an available remittance method.
Can I receive my collected funds if my project hasn't finished yet?
Currently, it's not possible to receive the collected funds if a project is not finished.
What happens if a project ends without meeting the goal?
We will still deliver the funds collected regardless if the goal has been met or not, as long as your project has collected $9 USD or more.
Can I also receive the extra funds that exceed the goal set for my project?
Yes, you can.
Even if the goal of a project is met before it ends, the project will still continue until the intended end date. The project owner is entitled to receive all the collected funds, including the extra funds for a project once it ends.
What is the COVID-19 relief program?
In AGIVEME we have decided to provide special support with the COVID-19 Relief category in order to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 as much as possible, which is raging all across the world and threatening the health and the economy of everyone. If you make a project in this category you will receive the support detailed
Can I cancel a project once it has started?
You cannot cancel a project once it has started.
However, in case you need to close your project beforehand, please contact us and we will assist you.
What happens if I delete my account when my project is still running?
You cannot delete your account when your project is running.
Also, please refrain from deleting your account until you have received the complete transfer of your collected funds, or you might lose the right to receive the collected support.
What is an "On Hold payment"?
In AGIVEME we take very seriously the safety of our users, so our Fraud control team checks all the payments received in all AGIVEME projects on a daily basis.
If we judge that a payment is suspected to be fraudulent, the payment is tagged as "On Hold" until it's reviewed. When this happens, you will receive a notification via email with all the details regarding that payment, and you won't be able to receive the transfer of that specific amount until the review is completed.
Please note that in the cases when the payment is deemed to be fraudulent, the payment may be refunded to the supporter.
In order to speed up the review process of the payment, so it can be transferred to the project owner as soon as possible, we offer the possibility of verifying the supporter's identity by providing different documentation that will be explained via email.